MARC JACOBS “Somewhere” Mixed Material Sandals

There is something wonderful and edgy about these finds that are not for everyone. Designed with a tricolor structural heel and rubberized overlay

RETAW Fragrance Room Tag

This is a brilliant find to easily add scent to your room. As simple as hanging on you door knob, towel hanger or in your closet, the room tags fr

NEEDLES “ASYMMETRIC GHILLIE” Sneakers in Purple & Green

These offerings from NEEDLES of the "Asymmetric Ghillie" are unique beyond the fact each shoe is a different color. Drawing from a range of classi

EMBER Ceramic Smart Mug

A problem solving mug for your daily coffee or tea. Your hot beverages will be perfect from the first sip to the last drop with the world’s firs

LEATHERMAN Signal Multi-Tool

This find is if your looking for the best in a tool that can do it all...well almost. Most all-in-one tools are handy around the house, but not so

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses Set

If shots are your thing then this find will change the game for you. Made from natural salt deposits found in the Himalayas, these shot glasses tr

POKER: The Ultimate Book from Assouline

For those like e who don't know how to play poker this find will put me ahead of the game quickly. Here is "POKER: The Ultimate Book" everything y

Ostrich Pillow Go

This find is a frequent traveler must have if you don't have. Thanks to hidden magnetic buttons and three choices of position, this travel pillow