GLADYS TAMEZ MILLINERY is the queen of creativity in the luxury headwear category. She finds ways to always to bring something unique to all her designs that most hat makers don’t. This NY Yankees cap handmade from the finest 100% felt velour with handmade cut NY symbol is a exampleRead More →

A new level of wake up to your ready cup of joe in the morning. Polished stainless steel alarm clock in black with timed and on-demand coffee brewing function. Features hand blown borosilicate glass boiling vessel, glass mug, milks vessel, and reusable glass filter dripper. Walnut wood tray at top.Read More →

When looking find a pair of classic luxury casual shorts with a twist you know THOM BROWNE is the name to look for. Thom Browne’s ‘Ottoman’ shorts are instantly recognizable for the brand’s signature “4 Bar” stripes. Made in Italy from ribbed cotton jersey, they have a straight leg profileRead More →

A luxury take on a hiking sandal many of us may be familiar with. Fendi’s sandals are made from lightweight and supple rubber, they are a great option for the beach or pool. Set on platform soles, they have a comfortable molded footbed and tonal logos embossed across the straps.Read More →

When you and your partner want to both enhance the intimacy experience this device might be the find you need. The We-Vibe Sync is a modern example of the same idea, featuring two arms, both with motors inside, one of which sits outside the female partner and one that goesRead More →

For those whom did had whiskey in their life and now don’t but want the taste from time to time without the alcohol. We have found the a amazing alternative Whiskey from RITUAL Zero Proof. The oak, smoke, caramel and comforting warmth of whiskey, without the alcohol or calories. ForRead More →