My buddy MJ is entering the world of fashion and I think you guys should know, I like his first looks (Im a sucka for anything RAT PACK) I like fresh talent you can never underestimate there drive…Congrats my friend 28.0 www.greenelabelamericana.bigcartel.comRead More →

The “ALL GONE” is back with its 2009 edition. Featured will be the best in there opinion (they get it pretty much right)  that 2009 had to offer from some of the more renowned brands, companies and designers around the globe.Read More →

Hello there world, I go by the name Daniel Antonio but many call me “dirty,” “fresh,” or “lito” (my fav) anyhow Ive taken interest in the world of blogging from my face-book page sharing and I wanted to bring my take on the format with my colleagues (THE MATERIALIST) andRead More →