Inspired by early 20th-century industrial architecture, this stainless steel aroma diffuser will add a sense of whimsical movement, as it slowly

TOM DIXON London Scented Candle, Hand Wash And Balm Gift Set

This gift set will please the lover of decor from the brand that understands this well. British designer Mr Tom Dixon has overseen the interiors o

“MATERIALISM” Candle Giftset from TOM DIXON

This find from TOM DIXON is a reflection inspired by a human tendency of want. This "Materialism" Giftset is a multifaceted collection of scents a

TOM DIXON “PLUM” Set of four Copper Shot Glasses

When you really want to take your shot taking to the extreme sexy level then this is for you. These TOM DIXON's shot glasses will ensure you do so

TOM DIXON Tank Beer Glasses

Part of TOM DIXION'S 'Tank' line, these pair of beer glasses are the sophisticated way to enjoy your favorite brew. Flawlessly made in the UK fr


This find is the perfect addition to your kitchen or bathroom. Often, the most potent first impression and subsequent memory of a space can be its

TOM DIXON Plum Copper Shot Glasses Set

When taking your shot glass drinking serving to exceptional presentation levels then this find is for you. These TOM DIXON's shot glasses will ens

“Tank Jug” from TOM DIXON

TOM DIXON always known for making the norm edgy and dynamic has taken the Jug to the next level of design. This is the Tank Jug that is made from