TOM DIXON always knows how to bring a beautiful twist to your home and these bookends are a perfect touch to your collection decor from the master. “Swirl Stepped” are a pair of bookends that have a distinct silhouette, colouration and personality. Substantial in weight, smooth in texture and boldRead More →

Now this find set your clock decor level to another level many will marvel over in your livingspace. This is the ClockClock 24 in black, with 22 karat gold plated hands, is a statement making object that re-contextualizes time through an ingenious marriage of analog and digital. All twenty fourRead More →

When your looking to put a amazing decor lighting item in your home or space and you want something special that can bring that pop. This lighting design was created by legendary Venetian designer Mariano Fortuny in 1903 as stage lighting, the Modalamp reflects illumination off its shade’s concave surfaceRead More →

If your looking to add personal touch to your space this is a good find to add. These letters are formed from LED tubes encased in dark steel finished metal, these decorative letters give off a warm glow and bring a personalized touch to any space. These are a easyRead More →

This is a decor must and even if you don’t like the scent they have one to satisfy that want. This is a DIPTYQUE Baies Candle is one of the most recognized in a large offering, in it’s trademark scent. Relax in the alluring aroma of freshly picked roses enhancedRead More →

Fire Bucket is an ideal solution to chilly nights, calling to mind the allure of a bonfire and the inviting look and feel of a fireplace, MENU’s versatile that can be used as its name suggests to create a small outdoor fireplace that is perfect for a patio, garden, orRead More →