ClockClock 24 in Black is a one of a kind clock

Now this find set your clock decor level to another level many will marvel over in your livingspace. This is the ClockClock 24 in black, with 22 karat gold plated hands, is a statement making object that re-contextualizes time through an ingenious marriage of analog and digital. All twenty four clocks come together to create a unique digital display. The clock hands are choreographed, liberating the clocks from the sole purpose of telling time. The piece can be programmed in 12-or 24-hour time and has three different modes of movement between each minute: minimal, medium or elaborate. This clock combines technical precision and expert craftsmanship, resulting in the highest quality form. Each piece features 48 motors assembled within a minimalist housing, each set into a rectangular shape, a frame that allows the clock hand’s choreography to shine. So now that we got your attention go HERE get one in your life and it comes in white also.

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