The perfect easy gift from TOM DIXON A trio of mini scented candles including London, Royalty and Orientalist contained within a hand-spun vessel formed of copper, nickel and brass. These candles are made in the UK from 100% natural ingredients with a burn time of 24 hours per candle. SoRead More →

When you obtain all the premium candles in your home you have to consider that you cant just light them with average matches or lighters. So get it sexy in the match department with this Match Scratcher from JFM. Made of solid brass billet, machined and finished in California. ItRead More →

People if you don’t use these you are sleeping on a good thing. Yes you can have your premium scented candles but I find these to be perfect for your home when you want to have a concentration of low light of for entertaining. These Flameless Candles gives the appearanceRead More →

BAXTER OF CALIFORNIA one of our favorite male grooming brands has just brought to our attention the launch of its third candle collection from their lifestyle offerings. Titled “The Ash Series,” this new series is inspired by various regions of California ranging from the high mountains and the desert valley toRead More →

We love DIPTYQUE Paris product here at Materialology and this new five wick Feu de Bois scented Indoor/Outdoor 52oz. candle recalls the warm sophisticated accord of rare woods throughout the long winter days. it come in 2 other sents. Diptyque teamed up with Virebent, a well-known porcelain manufacturer to make this “indoorRead More →

Never failing with the best, Restoration Hardware has these English Garden Scent Collection candles. Here we are featuring candles custom blended from the finest aromatics. Their collection of scents draws inspiration from the natural world and objects found in destinations abroad. Beautifully packaged candles, room spray and diffuser make elegantRead More →