A new level of wake up to your ready cup of joe in the morning. Polished stainless steel alarm clock in black with timed and on-demand coffee brewing function. Features hand blown borosilicate glass boiling vessel, glass mug, milks vessel, and reusable glass filter dripper. Walnut wood tray at top.Read More →

Looking to have a alarm clock with some fun vibes then this one is for you. Leave your roomie, mate or yourself a note to wake up to with this digital alarm clock, featuring an illuminated LED panel for writing messages. Available exclusively you can get it HERE.Read More →

HUF in collaboration with Skate Mental have produced is cool 100% iron alarm clock with cheeky custom designed face. This vintage refreshed take on the bell alarm clock will be a perfect decor addition to your space that will spark a smile. Go HERE to grab this limited offering quickRead More →

This is a very cool when you talk alarm clocks in a age when we all just use our mobile phones as a alarm. Well this BRAUN projecting clock has a time projecting side arm that can be motion activated or set to project the time continuously onto any surface. SoRead More →