Bienvenido World…Let me introduce myself

Hello there world, I go by the name Daniel Antonio but many call me “dirty,” “fresh,” or “lito” (my fav) anyhow Ive taken interest in the world of blogging from my face-book page sharing and I wanted to bring my take on the format with my colleagues (THE MATERIALIST) and just give the world what they want, good old materialistic finds from global markets simple and clean. But were going to do this with some class and fairness. I like a wide range of product from corporate level to the boutique brands.  So you will see that wide range of creativity and with my vast relationships this should be fun. Ok that’s it I’m no writer so excuse my mistakes and kinks in the site as we are perfecting it daily, I just LoVe great product especially cars, clothing and design so let get this going…Enjoy

Daniel Antonio / Editor@Large

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