RETAIL FEATURE: House of Petro Zillia in LA

When I got into fashion 6 years ago from another career, I started going to shows during LA Fashion Week and went to a PETRO ZILLIA show it was grand, it was colorful, it was just beautiful and you could see and feel the creativity and became a big fan ever since. I happen to meet Nony formally at a party and chit chat with her via twitter so I visited her shop and was amazed by eclecticness and organized color confusion. Nony Tochterman, who famously rode her bike down the runway at L.A. fashion week a few years back, launched her colorful line 12 years ago. Three years ago, she opened her boutique, which also houses her design studio. She said she started “studio services for everyone,” as she calls it, in response to the economy, and customers’ scaling back on shopping for party dresses. “When the going gets tough, the tough get creative,” she said. “Besides, why should celebrities be the only ones able to get studio services for a special party, night or celebration?” Shoppers can rent for one to three days, and fees vary based on the length of time and the value of the item (prices range from $300 for a simple dress to $4,800 for a gown) — but at a minimum of $50 for 24 hours, what a great idea. And currently there is a huge sale at the House of Petro Zillia.  For the entire month of January 2 rooms of 50% and more, All jewelry 50% off! Go!


8218 W 3rd St. Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 782-0424

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