AKOO: a surprising fresh urban brand with a forward prep twist

Everyone in fashion knows how Urban fashion has taken a hit to the Streetwear fashion market and this has caused many urban brands to just disappear. I feel its just because they just were not staying ahead and watching what the consumers want. Well I was introduced to AKOO which means A KING OF ONESELF at a gifting suite and was impressed by many not all of the designs for my taste but I def thought it was a great beginning for the urban market because it will come back and everything is going somewhat preppy this year. the brands motto is that AKOO defines the lifestyle for today’s hip, savvy, self motivated, goal oriented consumer. The AKOO consumer is successful not only for what they achieve but the honorable steps taken accomplish great deeds. So we happen to be reintroduced to current designs and we like where they are going its smart and fresh some designs are logo heavy but well placed and not so easy. They even have a limited edition G-Shock coming in March limited to 1000 pieces. Oh did I forget to mention this brand is the creation of one of our favorite artist T.I They have alot of surprising designs I hope to see in Vegas at trade next month See More & Shop

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