This find will bring a special take on your decor with a skate influence. Belgian surrealist Mr René Magritte made a name for himself in the early 20th century with thought-provoking work that went on to greatly influence pop culture. This SkateRoom set includes two boards made from Canadian maple wood featuringRead More →

This is a find that will be a very unique addition to your art or skate deck collection. Recording artist Paul McCarthy has joined in this unique collaboration with The Skateroom, the artist created 10 skateboard decks with images from his work PROPO. McCarthy says: “Between 1972 – 1983, IRead More →

This is a treat for the fans of the famed artist Basquiat. This unique Basquiat Skateboard Triptych Skull is now available for you to purchase. This set of three of skate decks, which features images from of the 1981 work Untitled – Skull was made in collaboration between The SkateroomRead More →