PENDLETON is the definition of quality warmth and comfort made in the US. So with that said when we found out they make dog beds you know we had to share as our canine buddies deserve the best and this sets that tone. The “Kuddler” dog bed is designed withRead More →

Everyman traveling man should have a dopp aka toiletry bag period. Now if you do and you want something special or in need then this PENDLETON Toiletry Bag in Turquoise hues of the iconic textile and pattern of this all American brand. Not much more to say beyond if youRead More →

This gift find is a special collaboration with two iconic American brands. PENDLETON Textile Manufacturing Company is known worldwide for its superior quality fabrics and original designs, most notably it’s beautifully crafted wool blankets. Well they got together with LEVI’S to make this iconic trucker jacket that’s lined with anRead More →

Denmark brand HAN KJOBENHAVN joined forces with the renowned American producer of fabrics Pendleton Woolen Mills and created an exclusive series of tailored fitted Han Kjøbenhavn styles. These pants are my favorite from the series and yes they are not for everyone but they still are “for the win” when paired with the right sneakersRead More →

There comes a time when we can all use a great backpack and this drawstring backpack from PENDLETON is pretty damm good. The motif of the allover 1920´s pattern with an Native American Chief is nice. The quality and detail is right there too like the woolen outer and two insideRead More →