For those concerned about the virus and want to sanitize everything and everything then this may be perfect for you. This is┬áthe Lexon “OBLIO” Wireless Charging Station & Sanitizer. When placed on a surface anywhere in your home or office, this sleek design resembles a minimalist vase but the OblioRead More →

It’s happen to me so many times when there is lack of light misplace a set of keys or something small in a purse or backpack that leads to frustration or thought of it being lost. This very cleverly designed Bag Light from LEXON is a solution to the dreadedRead More →

Looking to get a new tea set and want something that is clean simple and well this find from MOMA is just right for you. This KOOKII tea set is perfect. A modern set, ideal for serving both coffee and tea. Made by Lexon, a manufacturer represented in the MoMARead More →