Levi’s Shearling Washed Denim Trucker Jacket

Shearling will be all over this winter as it will hit the trend get-o-meter so go with a classic if you got to do it. The classic Trucker gets a s


The NFL season is in fullswing so show your team pride with brand new gear from LEVIS. Their official licensed Levi's® NFL Collection combines th

LEVI’S Lady Pink Women’s Bohemian Trucker Jacket

Now this is a special find from the iconic American brand LEVI'S. This is the Lady Pink’s women’s Bohemian Trucker, each jacket is packaged in

LEVI’S Pride Trucker Jacket

Show your pride in support in style with this offering from LEVIS, This Pride 2016 collection continues their tradition of supporting the LGBTQ co

Commuter Hooded Trucker from LEVI’S

A jacket that can handle more than just keeping the chill out is essential and has more value. Well this find a father can appreciate beyond the g

Women’s Moto Jacket from Levi’s® Made & Crafted™: A Mother’s Day Gift Idea

If the mother your looking to gift is in need of a perfect spring /summer jacket then this is all you need to see. This beauty is from the LEVIS M

LEVIS VINTAGE CLOTHING collection 1936 Type 1 Jacket

I love the consistency of LEVIS and the timeless design that goes into their product. This is your ultimate raw denim jacket and LEVIS is the king


Many brands may try to make a perfect denim jacket but no one beats Levi's in that category in our eyes. But this here folks is from the LEVIS VIN