Looking to have a alarm clock with some fun vibes then this one is for you. Leave your roomie, mate or yourself a note to wake up to with this digital alarm clock, featuring an illuminated LED panel for writing messages. Available exclusively you can get it HERE.

Looking to bring some dynamic to your space via lighting, this find may be the solution. This is the world’s first designer energy saving bulb, The PLUMEN 001. And now available in LED using 80% less energy than a standard incandescent bulb and created in a unique sculptural form, itRead More →

This is a find that will bring a future vibe to your space. This visually surprising flat LED lamp is composed of an acrylic sheet which is laser engraved into a classic bulb silhouette and covered with dozens of intricate incised lines that suggest dimensionality and bulbous form of archetypalRead More →

Are you a midnight marauder that works and creates in the night hours and prefers low light but with just the right amount of light thats good for your eyes? You then need this little lunar explorer that receives power from your USB port to illuminate spaces with brilliant, LEDRead More →

Its always the little details in your decor that bring the character in your space. This is a beautiful example of a way to add something special, a masterpiece meets revolutionary tech. Ingo Maurer’s beloved Lucellino light has been updated with the extraordinary LED TRI-R, a custom-made bulb that wasRead More →

If your looking to add personal touch to your space this is a good find to add. These letters are formed from LED tubes encased in dark steel finished metal, these decorative letters give off a warm glow and bring a personalized touch to any space. These are a easyRead More →

Marrying modern utility with minimalist aesthetics, the Bottle Humidifier by Korean design company 11+ is thoughtfully designed to generate humidity in an interior space. The humidifier features an intuitive dimming LED that indicates its operating status. This is a unique find and will enhance your living space ora, go HERERead More →

Looking to bring a modern but special sense of retro feel to you living or workspace then a lighting fixture refresh would be perfect consideration. Troy Lighting presents the “ATOMIC” inspired by the Atomic Era of design with mid-century modern flair. Made from solid brass and aluminum and features laserRead More →