Looking for a truly special addition to your lifestyle for your health in honey form then this is for you. This is THE KEEPER’S STASH taking two of mother nature‚Äôs power players blended into liquid gold. California sourced avocado honey infused with wellness inspiring hemp oil. Just add liberally toRead More →

Truffles don’t just awaken to your olfactory senses, they immerse them. So, what better ingredient to pair with truffles than airy, sweet honey and this find has all that. This is REGALIS Tennessee Black Truffle Honeycomb made from ingredients cultivated in Georgia and forged in Tennessee, this truffle infused honeyRead More →

Honey is one of those sweeteners that is the under appreciated nectar of the earth. Well we found a special version of thing that sweeten’s your tea and your conscience with honey that supports education and honeybee populations. This is Bee Cause Project Honey, each purchase helps fund classroom observationRead More →

Are you a honey snob and know good honey when you taste it well we have something for you. This is Bee Local and they pride themselves on sourcing and harvesting only the most sustainable, healthy and uniquely delicious honeys from Oregon’s Willamette Valley and Austin to the boroughs ofRead More →