When you’re ready to take your hair drying to the next level then this is a must consider. It’s the DYSON “Supersonic” a hair dryer engineered to protect hair from extreme heat damage, with fast drying and controlled styling to increase smoothness and shine. Increases hair smoothness by 75%, shineRead More →

The weather in Souther California where we are based has been so unpredictable with Heatwaves and then Chilly spells. So on a quest to solve being comfortable in both I found this super cool DYSON AM05 HOT+COOL fan heater. You know DYSON seems to always be forward thinking and thisRead More →

The weather is heating up and I would like a new one for one of my workspaces so Ive decided to look into this DYSON Table fan. This is the future people this fan is SO fly. Dyson seems to never bullshit with their product line always thinking ahead andRead More →