Many of us dog owners know that the current selection of doggie dividers to keep our canine buddies out of certain areas just suck. Well designer Jennifer Fisher has solve the problem with her idea within her collabortive effort with CB2. This decorative acrylic divider sections off a room withoutRead More →

What dog doesn’t want a treat, but don’t just give them any treat they deserve the best. Indulge your dog with this New England inspired treat that’s great for allergy prone pups and made from Maine lobster, nutrient packed kelp and lots of breath freshening parsley. Oven baked in smallRead More →

Does your dog deserve a touch of luxury, then this find is for you. If you know Thom Browne is familiar with the designer’s long standing muse, “Hector” the miniature wire haired dachshund that has over 8,500 followers of his own on Instagram. Detailed with a gold bone charm likeRead More →

How much do you love your dog, think he needs style to keep up with yours, well then this find is for you. This THOM BROWNE “Hector” rib knit cashmere dog cardigan is detailed at the left sleeve with white block stripes. Trimmed with the label’s signature tricolor grosgrain tape,Read More →

For you dog owners this is a find you must consider for your pooches fresh feeling. This Animal shampoo spray made for your best pal by Dr. McGrath’s. is unscented with plant-based cleansers, apple cider vinegar, lanolin, glycerin and organic herbal extracts of cucumber, lavender, cornflower and peach modern groomingRead More →

AESOP was established in Melbourne, Australia in 1987 with a quest to create a range of superlative products for the hair, skin and body. But they have decided to also offer a grooming product for your four legged friend called AESOP “ANIMAL”. This gentle fur cleanser for your pampered petsRead More →