Long before we snapped images on our phone to share or took pictures on a camera and had to take them to get developed wondering how they would turn out there was the instant. Well we have a throwback for those whom still want to learn and use a discontinuedRead More →

We happen to be introduced to a amazing camera this week that we think we all can and must have. The NIKON 1 AW1 that is the first waterproof, all-action, toughened interchangeable lens camera. With 14.2-megapixel CX-format CMOS sensor. Based on the NIKON 1 system of interchangeable-lenses, the AW1 shoots at a speedsRead More →

In the age of digital sometimes you might want to capture the fun moments of life and many of you remember this classic “Image System” instant camera from Polaroid and I’ve always wanted one and they are still around and the special film is also so, there is no excuseRead More →

It was brought to our attention that Japanese brands CASIO and MASTER-PIECE collaboration was such an cool combination we thought we share. many people want separate devices for their photography needs and this here is a cool small point and shoot camera. I mean this thing is packed with greatRead More →