TOM DIXON always knows how to bring a beautiful twist to your home and these bookends are a perfect touch to your collection decor from the master. “Swirl Stepped” are a pair of bookends that have a distinct silhouette, colouration and personality. Substantial in weight, smooth in texture and boldRead More →

With your personal library you have to sometimes keep everything in its place and these bookends may be just what you need. Made of cast aluminum, brass and iron. These are PENDULUX Rocket Bookends, as if split by a wormhole, the two solid cast polished aluminum halves of the RocketRead More →

For you guys who have a nice library collection of books but could use a touch of decor character these Cast Linked bookends could be for you. Inspired by the individualist spirit of the 1970’s, these bookends provide the appearance of an anchored chain separated by books. They come inRead More →

Looking for or want a unique bookends set, than these Brazilian Agate Stone versions are for you. Unearthed in Brazil the agate’s rough plain exterior belies the beautiful banded colorations within. No two agate stones are the same, making each piece unique. This is something I think I just mightRead More →