This find is the perfect gift that can become a family traditional heirloom for the holiday dinners or special occasions. This is the exceptional Juniper Carving Set from BEST MADE packaged in a custom box, this exquisite carving set is made in Laguiole, France, a region known for producing highRead More →

Looking for a truly special addition to your lifestyle for your health in honey form then this is for you. This is THE KEEPER’S STASH taking two of mother nature’s power players blended into liquid gold. California sourced avocado honey infused with wellness inspiring hemp oil. Just add liberally toRead More →

If your a fan of the CONVERSE Chuck and want another pair or just a cool pair these new versions are cool.  This pair of Converse Chuck 70 showcases its expansive color palette. Featuring shades like ‘Dewberry’ and ‘Iced Coffee’, they’re made from durable 12oz ripstop and stitched together inRead More →

When what you need to launder is of value to you and the washing machine and dry cleaning are not trusted then this find will do. Tangent Delicate Detergent treats the cell structure of natural fabrics gently.  It is specially adapted to be used on such materials as wool, silk,Read More →

This is just a brilliant find for the lover of hosting and making cocktails for guest. This is no ordinary shaker this one has recipes on it to mix the perfect cocktail for all your guest. Twist the outer sleeve of this classic shaker to serve up a variety ofRead More →

When looking to get a fresh pair of the iconic boot you may want to take a look at these refreshed takes on the iconic TIMBERLAND boot. A New York icon reimagined by the city-based Staple, Timberland’s 6” wheat boot has been flipped inside out and given signature Staple touches. With theRead More →

Looking for the perfect small oven for your pizza cooking at your living space then this is a must consider. Serve up bubbling hot pizza in your own backyard with the amazing Ooni Koda outdoor oven. Easier to use and less expensive than traditional wood fired ovens, the Ooni Koda usesRead More →