We have been seeing many people buying this novelty clever item from NATIVE UNION. This gold Pop Phone Moshi Moshi designed by the acclaimed French designer David Turpin. This is his interpretation of the classic 50’s Bakelite style telephone that plus right into your smart phone. It can also beRead More →

Now many have the iPhone 4 & 4S and maybe one of the main concerns is battery life but imagine if you virtually double the time you have to rock, talk, surf, and send by toggling between charging  with the flick of a switch. MOPHIE has come up the bestRead More →

In the age of digital sometimes you might want to capture the fun moments of life and many of you remember this classic “Image System” instant camera from Polaroid and I’ve always wanted one and they are still around and the special film is also so, there is no excuseRead More →

When your like me making tea all the time then you understand that the key to a perfect tea is water temperature and this Bodum’s cordless electric kettle is pretty cool reinterpreted in green silicone. This compact kettle has a 17 ounce capacity that boils water rapidly while saving energy.Read More →

In need of a new high grade medium size digital camera then this NIKON V1 is pretty great consideration. This is the flagship camera in their mid level camera line using the new “CX” 10 megapixel CMOS sensor including a 10-30mm lens, 1080i 60 fps and an accessory port for add-onsRead More →

It was brought to our attention that Japanese brands CASIO and MASTER-PIECE collaboration was such an cool combination we thought we share. many people want separate devices for their photography needs and this here is a cool small point and shoot camera. I mean this thing is packed with greatRead More →