BESPOKE PROJECT video with RYD Bicycles

People we bring you another long overdue BESPOKE PROJECT episode where we show you how some of the finest products come to life. This time around we hooked up with RYD bicycles short for “Racing Your Dreams” to build a custom HAVOC V2 JUICE version with handpicked parts by me. I used to race downhill bikes and with age you want a more tame bike and what I put together is something that will get you through the city quickly with simple style and can handle some antics of danger also where ever you live for the most part. This Los Angeles based brand has grown swiftly in the short time of existence and with the popularity of the fixed gear bike they have token it to a new level, as they would say “RYD bikes stands for a feeling that goes inside each and every one of us. ┬áIt stands for the riding, when anything seems possible and everything seems terrifying, when all signs say to stop but letting go of our hesitation seems necessary.” They have 2 southern California locations called “THE SPOKE” that sell RYD bikes and products in addition to providing bike repair services for almost any other kind of bicycles. So Sit back and enjoy the RYD experience or go HERE to purchase.



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