This is the first of THE BESPOKE PROJECT series where we work directly with brands to produce one of a kind product. This time around MATIAS denim co. based in Los Angeles invited us to their workspace to show us what they have going on. MATIAS pronounced (ma-tee-us) is founded by Matias Sandoval and he is a talented designer and his work space is a designers dream. MATIAS makes product for men and women and is know for its attention to detail and use of the best fabric most of them being Japanese denim which is the best denim on the planet people in my eyes. So here we have a step by step video run down of a pair of denim custom designed by yours truly Daniel Antonio. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime opportunity world, its great to have things made to fit only you from clothing to your car…why not. So peep the video and see how denim is developed and constructed. So if you want to learn more about MATIAS denim and where you can buy go HERE they might be able to do a bespoke pair for you too.

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