TEST DRIVE: NATURA “CASTANHA” Series skincare setting a new standard

So we were introduced to this brand NATURA and we thought we take the CASTANHA SERIES Exfoliating bar soap and hand cream on a true test drive and use it before we talked about it. Im a man that’s a fan of grooming myself at the highest level. So I got to say I love what they are doing over there at NATURA, justifying the premium pricing. The CASTANHA SERIES is called that because of the nut used throughout it. Known as the Brazil nut, castanha is found deep in the Amazon forest where it’s treasured as a source of nutrition and a rich resource for beauty benefits endlessly rich in benefits, feeding the skin intense moisturization. Well after two weeks I definitely could feel the difference in my skin from the bar soap and then let’s talk how good the hand was just when my hands got a lil ashy from the cold weather it rejuvenated my skin every time and inbetween. This is just a small part of this brands product line and it wins for me. Well done NATURA. Go HERE to learn, buy and see more of this series.

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