DANESON whiskey flavored toothpick set

Take your toothpick needs to the next level with this incredible find. DANESON the purveyor of fine whiskey flavored toothpick crafts each slender stick using American milled birch wood. But also they replant 100 trees for every one they cut down. With magnetic lids and heavy card stock construction, their 4-Bottle Box is an elegant means for getting your toothpicks around town. Whether it’s Single Malt or Bourbon there is one thing to know about whiskey. The dominant tasting note for both these spirits comes from the oak barrels they are aged in. If at first glance, their toothpicks taste a lot like wood don’t be surprised that’s the oak barrel leading the charge. Go HERE to get them in your life and let your tastebuds be the judge, it’s pretty amazing.

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