TEST DRIVE: INNISFREE Shaving Cleansing Foam and Moisturizing Cream

So we took this new brand we were introduced to for a test drive for a week and wanted to see if the looks of the product from packaging is as good on the inside for your face grooming needs. The brand is INNISFREE and they just launched their new Forest For Men collection recently. So we like to keep our male grooming care up here and after a week with the Shaving & Cleansing Foam w/ Black Yeast and the Moisturizing Cream w/ Black Yeast my face actually did feel baby soft and healthy looking throughout the day. I was really impressed how soft my skin felt and I don’t know if it’s from always taking care of my face and this brining that added touch with that black yeast ingredient. Which if you didn’t know it enhances the moisture barriers to help take care of tired skin from external environmental stressors like stress and alcohol. I wasn’t shaving at the time of testing so didn’t use it in that capacity. But overall men like it simple and this brand has met the mark for us and did its job very well, thats all we ask in life. So go HERE to get yourself this product fellas to keep that mug of yours crispy clean.

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