MOLEKULE Mini Air Purifier

The MOLEKULE Mini Air Purifier is a smaller version of the original it measures half the height but can clean up to 250 square feet in one hour, making it ideal for small spaces such as an office or bedroom. MOLEKULE proprietary technology, Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO), works at the molecular level to destroy pollutants.  Developed over two decades by research scientists, PECO is an innovative technology that breaks down pollutants at a molecular level, including VOCs, bacteria, mold, viruses and allergens. It gets the job done with a light activated PECO filter. The PECO filter works by light shining onto the filter membrane, coated with proprietary nanoparticles. This creates a catalytic reaction on the filter surface that breaks down the molecular structure of pollutants. PECO is the successor of PCO technology which works on a similar principle but is much less effective. This technology has been developed over the past 20 years at the University of Florida. Pretty amazing and you will be impress the fresh in you space after use. Go HERE to get yourself on or gift before the holiday.

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