TEST DRIVE: JAXJOX Foam RollerConnect

If you work out and a foam roller is apart of your recovery then we have a find for you. This is the JAXJOX Foam RollerConnect that we took on a test drive for a week. Offering a smarter way to recover, this foam roller is a device that allows you to recover with intelligence. You choose your mode of operation, monitor your recovery, prevent muscle injury and relieve tension all linked back to your APPLE device. We used a iPOD Touch for the test drive. We used the JAXJOX foam roller connect after bike rides, a yoga class and then after I did a trail run on separate occasion. The added various vibration settings from the device beyond press and push of the muscles from the natural roller effect was so perfect. The added vibration seem to enhance the relaxation of the muscles it was used for by all of us. It has guided recovery routines via the JAXJOX app but also compatible with the Apple Health app. This is a brilliant device at a fair price that any active household could use. Go HERE for more details beyond our test and even purchase.

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