LELAND FRANCIS perfect unisex vegan luxury skincare

So we were introduced to and took on a test drive vegan luxury skincare line LELAND FRANCIS. So first off this brand is unisex so it makes it easy for the household no matter the sex and we like that. We tested the Black Rose Bar and Black Rose Cleansing Gel and it was a refreshing ride of feeling the dirt and scum of the earth gone after and before a day got started. The bar and gel wash off with clean and easy as both ladies and gents like it. The difference between the products is that The Black Rose Bar helps reinforce the skin’s natural Lipid Barrier, reduces signs of aging, minimizing the appearance of sunspots, and restoring supple texture while gently exfoliating the skin. The Black Rose cleansing gel cleansing formulation is gentle but strong enough to detox and deep cleanse while exfoliating and protecting from free radical damage. Both great products that you need both for that glowing skin to beam bright and healthy. So go HERE to get these in your life today.

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