This find any creative and collector of books can appreciate the magic Stan Lee contributed to the art of comics and now entertainment. This is the big one, the mostly true tale of Stan Lee: a Giant-Size extravaganza, nearly ten years in the making, about the one and only Godfather of Comics. From his childhood in Depression-era New York, to transforming Marvel into the number one comics publisher in the world, to his 21st-century reinvention as Chief Creative Officer of global entertainment company POW! Entertainment, Stan “the Man” Lee stands the test of time as the most legendary name in comic book history. First published as a signed Collector’s Edition and it sold out within a week, the book was written and edited by Lee himself. His tale is told by his successor at Marvel, renowned comics writer, editor and historian Roy Thomas, who brings “you are there” insights and wide eyed clarity to key moments of Lee’s journey to pop culture immortality. Featuring hundreds of treasures of comicbook art, intimate photographs sourced straight from his family archives. This is a must creatives and book collectors and you can go HERE to purchase today.

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