“MOON FORCE 1” by ANDY BLANK a smart affordable art studio

When you are looking to get your decor right in your living or work space art is the first thought. But art can be an investment out of many budgets until now. Enter the world of Andy Blank an artist who creates original, handmade artworks, at an accessible price point from $99 to $199, in limited quantities and various mediums from photography, painting, drawing, embossing, among others. Like this photographed work titled “Moon Force 1” a photo that is a Giclée print. The Giclée is a process that uses a 12 color ink jet printer, acid free papers, and pigment based archival inks. Needless to say the quality of this print is exceptional and we love it as we love sneakers here. But overall this is a special find that will help the enhancing of your home without hurting your bank account. Go HERE to get this one and see all of what he has to offer.

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