So we here well I Daniel Antonio your Managing Editor alone has fully moved over to the natural side of things with BAXTER OF CALIFORNIA line of great products over that past years, but the deodorant was the last and hardest to switch too. The top selling aluminum free men’s deodorant tackles odor as it detoxifies and conditions the skin. The clear solid gel formula includes tea tree and witch hazel extracts to tone and disinfect, taking care of odor causing bacteria. But I had to get my body used to the non chemicals and that had me at moments feeling funky but after 3 weeks of learning a pattern of reapply Im all in and loving it. But as far as the Vitamin Cleansing Bar it was magic and love at first use. You will up your daily shower game with invigorating men’s body soap. It features a rich, luxurious lather that helps restore the skin’s moisture balance as it gently lifts away impurities. The amazing scent was in the air in my bathroom upon opening and I love that beyond how clean I felt after each wash. So overall this “CLean Up Your Act Duo” is the must get move to make gents and you can make that move HERE.

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