Joanna Simkin on using BAXTER OF CALIFORNIA for red carpet level Zayn grooming

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Gents did you watch the Grammy’s last week and think when you stepped out your home you wanted to be red carpet fresh daily like Zayn Malik. Well celebrity makeup artist Joanna Simkin got Zayn ready that day and she gave us the breakdown of what she did using BAXTER OF CALIFORNIA a mens grooming brand you find we feature in frequent. BAXTER OF CALIFORNIA fellas is the easy go to without any overthought making this attempt a routine you can do daily. Check out Joanna’s breakdown of what she did and used below and go HERE to get some of that BAXTER OF CALIFORNIA in your life.

To prep the skin, wash and exfoliate and then pat gently with a towel to leave the skin slightly damp.
Joanna applied the Baxter of California Under Eye Complex from under eye to outer, using light pressure to help push any puffiness out.
Next, take a nickel-sized dollop of the Super Shape Recharge Cream and rub together in palms to warm the product up before applying to the face, then lightly press on still-damp skin, again pressing the palms toward the outside of the face for a light facial massage to stimulate the skin.
Pro tip: leaving the skin damp will help additional moisture lock in and the light massage gets the circulation going to help skin look more even-toned.
To finish, lightly blot with a tissue in the t-zone.
The result: even skin that looks hydrated without the grease or shine!

Starting with clean hair, rough towel-dry to slightly damp. (If hair is fine, use a blow-dryer for some lift. Thick hair can start with damp hair to the same effect.)
Joanna started with a dime-sized amount of the award-winning Clay Pomade, and warmed it between her palms to make sure there are no clumps of product or too much concentration of product in any one place.
Starting at the back of the head, coat the hair with Clay Pomade. If you need more product, repeat, using a dime-sized amount of product.
Pro tip: It’s better to layer than start with too much.
Once hair is coated, finger style.
The beauty of Clay Pomade is there is enough hold for the style to hold once it’s set, but not so firm that you can’t work the style until it’s too your liking.
If you have any random flyaways, smooth just those with a tiny bit more Pomade.
Once the style is to your liking, spray with Clay Effect Style Spray to hold.

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