JOURNEYMEN’s Fragrance No.1 Natural Deodorant test drive


A couple weeks ago we got a opportunity to test drive a product that is environmentally friendly to the earth while keeping you gentleman fresh. The product is JOURNEYMEN’s Fragrance No.1 Natural Deodorant and I got my hands on the spray and solid form. So from the opening of the product, the Cypress/Smoke scent was very balanced and not too strong just the right amount of strength that I like. This is a natural deodorant that uses soothing Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, organic chamomile, and essential oils to keep you nice and fresh. It has no aluminum and is paraben free and made here in the United States. So after testing the spray and the stick versions for two weeks each I can say it did its job and that’s all we ask in a product. Good to know I can go the natural route and it works as I have tried some product that were natural and it didn’t hold up my manly scent to say it softly. Ok so now that they got our endorsement we say go get it and try it HERE today.


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