We were introduced to ELISA GONSALVES brand in Vegas and was impressed by the work of this young talent all hand made jewels that are unique and its own. “I use straight tools,” Elisa said. Leather punchers, wire cutters, drills, hammers, grommets and a wood burner are everyday tools of the trade for this artist, a jewelry designer whose work appears in boutiques, fashion events and trade shows all over the United States. Gonsalves has slowly created a committed following with her eclectic, quality pieces that canvas the creative gamut of mood: edgy, dark romantic, religious iconic, high-tea elegant, bohemian. Elisa got her start about four years ago. Her favorite materials include turquoise, coral, shells, horn, bone, snake skin and stingray leather. Gonsalves prides herself in only quality materials that appeal to her in a special way. Dedicated scavenging is a full-time job in itself, and Gonsalves roams gem shows, swap meets, even the Vatican, for beautiful objects and charms. She is definitely one to keep your eye on. Check out and buy more pieces from her collection HERE

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