AKOMPLICE X SOUTH OF FRANCE capsule collaboration


For AKOMPLICE latest project they teamed up with indie rock band South Of France to create a safari themed capsule collection. Both are independently owned and operated and both hailing from mile high Colorado, they got together through a mutual admiration for creation. The collaborative effort range includes a duffel bag, field notebook and the coup de grace, a custom white 45 record featuring the band’s unreleased single “Washed Out” on the B side, and “Civilization” on the A side. The collaboration came to fruition when Jeff Cormack previewed Akomplice owners his “Washed out” single. Drawing inspiration from the custom one of one Louis Vuitton luggage set featured in Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited, each piece features an array of safari themed animals and wildlife. Now that you know go HERE if you want this special package as you know it is a limited offering.


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