Taste Test: SAVILE Premium Rumtini

savile 2 image

Since I’m the local connoisseur on liquor here at MATERIALOLOGY I was presented with a bottle of SAVILE Premium Rumtini to take on a test run. So first off I like the black glass bottle, it’s heavy, strong and big as it only come in 1 liters for now. So this is a ready to serve product that you just pour over rocks (ice) in a proper whisky glass as I like my drinks served unless it’s a shot or wine. But you can take it up a notch by adding tequila as I did also. Overall I like, it reminds me of something that would be served to me in my travels to Islands but I prefer the addition of a touch of reposado tequila for the slight after kick. It has a straight to the point burst of flavor but the rum hides well behind all the ingredients. SAVILE gets their rum from India and blend it with passion fruit, pineapple and citrus flavors using no artificial flavors and it’s gluten free which is a added plus for those whom this would be a concern. I also liked how It didn’t kick too hard it got me to a place I can appreciate when partaking in a adult drink. My verdict of SAVILE product is thumbs up for when your in a tropical mood and will pair well with mexican and soul food. I can’t wait for them to offer it in smaller bottles for home bars and transportation sake, but I know that will happen down the line as they are new on the market. Go HERE to learn more and find out where you can find it near you, CHEERS!


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