The new ROOTS Beach House in Venice, California


So last week we were invited to media preview event for the new ROOTS Beach House in Venice, California. And I must say I was only somewhat familiar with this brand but didn’t realize the magnitude of the brand and the overall level of attention to detail and highest standard of quality in all their product. The product ranged from sportswear, leather jackets to luggage, shoes and accessories. But that just tips the iceberg of what they have done in collaboration with many well appointed brands. The wonderful and so inspiring Diane Bald the brands Design Director, invited us to experience¬† this new space on the famed restaurant & retail row Abbott Kinney Boulevard and preview the Fall 2013 Leather Collection that she personally ran me through. This brand gets what they do and stay true to what they are and that is a key of their success. I was honored to be presented this new appreciation of ROOTS from which I know I will be buying goods from. So check some of the images from the visit and get down there to see what they do.



1505 Abbot Kinney Boulevard Venice, California

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