$1.5 billion & five years to build, it is over 160 floors high and has comfortably surpassed the previous record holder in Taipei. Inside its a mix of nightclubs, mosques, luxury suites and boardrooms, It will have the world’s first Armani hotel; the world’s highest swimming pool, on the 76thRead More →

I got some rare Timberland’s that no ones been able to find that are bananas and here we go again with these goodlookin Timberland’s premium collection line ABINGTON “Guide Boots” but this time around we know where you can get them…only at BARNEY CO-OP HereRead More →

I think so… “Japan’s trailblazers of street fashion are the envy of Western designers, spawning Web sites filled with snapshots of Tokyo youngsters in the latest distressed jeans or psychedelic stockings.” with that said from New Yorks Times Moshe Komata contributer breaksdown a interesting story on the perspective of JAPANRead More →

Let me introduce the A5 Sportback a car that we over here in the good ol US wont get, So how special would it be to go and bring one here from over in Europe. Audi’s apparently unshakeable belief that Americans don’t like and won’t buy premium hatchbacks, no matterRead More →

Hello there world, I go by the name Daniel Antonio but many call me “dirty,” “fresh,” or “lito” (my fav) anyhow Ive taken interest in the world of blogging from my face-book page sharing and I wanted to bring my take on the format with my colleagues (THE MATERIALIST) andRead More →