So we had the opportunity to have one of these AMAZING BUBBY’s pies delivered to our office (Apple) and all I’m going to say is crack…weed…and sugar rush in one. You intake that just remember this is not for anyone it is the top of the line in pies andRead More →

There has to many to few who don’t like Tacos these days with all the options of ingredients far from the original Carne Asada style of old. With that said I’m down for more options in my obsession with Tacos and Mark Miller has put together a amazing assortment ofRead More →

We are all about eating well here and we were introduced to this exclusive JME JAMS product for Williams Sonoma from famed chef Jamie Oliver handcrafted by British jam makers using the finest ingredients, they showcase Jamie’s passion for traditional recipes Raspberry Jam & Apple and Plum perfect for toastRead More →

So the well known Chef Jamie Oliver hooked up with English beekeepers to bring you this artisanal honey, perfect for spreading on toast, spooning over yogurt or sweetening a cup of tea. We here are big fans of honey as a sweetener and this is honey at its best soRead More →

We love vodka and got gifted with this bottle of CRYSTAL HEAD vodka yes that’s a bottle very cool right? Well yes the new vodka brand is the brain child of funny man Dan Aykroyd he has taken two of his favorite things skulls and spirits and merged them. AndRead More →

Were all about a good whiskey in the office. And this is one serious bottle of hooch…this 50th year old Glenfiddich whiskey  has spent the last 50 years in two oak casks, which were then aged for another six months in an American oak barrel to create this premium liquorRead More →

LA natives know that CANTER’s Deli is a staple of this fine city. Well they are hitting the streets with the CANTER’s truck. this Deli is known for obscenely over-sized pastrami, corned beef, Reuben sandwiches and the sweet black-and-white cookies but now you also just might find it outside yourRead More →