I love beef Wellingtons! I’ve been wanting to learn how to make them, but till then Williams Sonoma has come up with a exclusive solution. Premade classic beef Wellingtons featuring individual portions of quickly seared beef tenderloin topped with rich mushroom duxelles enclosed in puff-pastry dough. They come in packRead More →

So you know for some reason that I will never question when you add anything Truffle to mostly anything you get something so tasty you go nuts. Well I got this White Truffle salt and it has made wonders of dishes Ive always made and token them to another levelRead More →

Yes WHISKEY ROCKS, these Whisky stones are perfect for aficionados who enjoy their beverages with a slight chill, but don’t want to have ice water down the perfect balance of flavors. Scandinavians have used granite rocks for this same purpose for hundreds of years and they won’t scratch your glass. StonesRead More →

So we love breakfast, and having a little jam on our toast or biscuit is a must. So this brand Sarabeth’s small-batch preserves have been a favorite of discriminating New Yorkers. Made from a pectin-free recipe, using all-natural ingredients and we got some, all we have to say is “GetRead More →

Oh yeah I can always use a naughty treat every now and then and after some night life debauchery in Hollywood a hot dog seems to be the staple and beyond the LA bacon wrapped dog a new transplant form the east coast famous for amazing hot dogs PAPAYA KINGRead More →