A true gentleman’s drink, THE ORIGINAL MOONSHINE is the first product from Stillhouse a premium spirits brand based in Culpeper, VA. THE ORIGINAL MOONSHINE is a 80 proof all-natural and gluten-free clear whiskey. This great tasting, clear corn whiskey is a versatile new premium spirit, that can be enjoyed neat,Read More →

HENNESSY has come up with a unique way of adding some flair to the packaging with a silicon “skin flask” which can be found in a variety of vibrant colors including red, yellow, purple, and green. They sent some to the office and we love them and they are reusableRead More →

Beyond it being the top tier of whisky’s….this 50 year old Highland Park is so well packaged. This is for only the rare few who can appreciate and afford it. Just beautiful 70cl handmade bottle and arrives inside a hand-carved oak box. Want one get it HERE. -JD (via. uncrate)

In that quest to achieve the perfect steak in my quest be that culinary champ…lol I have found that a good rub is just what I needed and when I used this Steakhouse rub from WILLAMS-SONOMA. Its a all-natural blend combining California garlic and onion with Pacific sea salt, brownRead More →

Red Velvet is almost everyone’s fav and if your into the cooking thing like us, then get your hands on this RED VELVET WHOOPIE PIE mix by the home product champs. This is so so good and so easy to make perfect for the holiday. I mean how much moreRead More →

So the wonderful well respected designer Vivienne Westwood has hook up with Chivas for a special packaging for Chivas Regal‘s 18 year Scotch bottle. The limited edition of Chivas Regal 18 will sell for around the 200 Euros (275.0US) and will be available for buy just before Christmas 2010 whileRead More →

Ive had the pleasure of trying this version on my favorite vodka BELVEDERE and let me just warn you guys it is no joke. Be careful this 100 proof vodka is double filtered through charcoal for an increased alcohol content. It’s also described as having flavor notes of creme caramelRead More →