The NINTENDO Wii is over all the better game console on the market for just pure out fun for a wide range of age brackets and I have thought if they would ever do a black version and long and behold they did and just dropped it last week soRead More →

We here are big fans of SKULLCANDY product line and with artist getting into the headphone biz left and right you knew Jay Z had to get in on the hustle and produce his versions so his ROC NATION record label hooked up with SKULLCANDY and produced these over-the-ear ‘phonesRead More →

Ok world I’m obsessed with my Blackberry but I really never was a fan of the Blackberry Pearl but many of my friends like it because of its size. Well here goes a refreshed version packed with all the bells and whistles like the new Curve and Bold models recentlyRead More →

Now these are iPOD docks…how perfect and clean are these GENEVA Sound Systems. We saw these and was amazed by the sound quality but caught my eye was the quality of the craftsmanship. They come several sizes from big enough to use a home theatre to small enough for yourRead More →

So after all the light hype…Google’s new phone dropped today, the NEXUS ONE, Yeah it looks like the iPhone with smoother lines. I’m not sure about that trackball us Blackberry users know that they can be irritating but whats cool is you can buy it unlocked or with T-Mobile withRead More →